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Jeremy Lin disguises himself as a trainer in prank video

Jeremy Lin is enjoying his offseason with prank videos.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that new Charlotte Hornets point guard, Jeremy Lin, loves to make videos. He actually became a little notorious for the pranks he used to pull on his Mom before last season. Well, it looks like he's back at it, but thankfully his poor mother was left out of this one.

This time, Lin's victims are random people at the gym, although you have to wonder if this is staged at all. Especially when someone that comes in just happens to be wearing a Houston Rockets Jeremy Lin jersey. A throwback version no less. On top of that, people can't seem to prevent themselves from laughing at Lin's antics. He's either the funniest guy in the room, and to be honest Lin is pretty funny, or the random people they picked for the video have a very hard time putting on their camera face.

Staged or not, the video is pretty funny and worth a watch. It's nice to see Lin show some personality, and not just be another boring player that's just out here to win games and play hard. The usual cliches and what not. Perhaps we'll be lucky enough to get some prank videos from behind the scenes in Charlotte this season?

(h/t ProBasketballTalk)