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WATCH: Jeremy Lin's defense under the microscope

Will Lin's intensity on defense translate into a greater role with the Hornets in 2015-16?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports's not summer anymore, but we FILMED it during the it still counts.

We saved our final video breakdown of the offseason for one of the most controversial topics outside of Al Jefferson and his role in the offense. The subject defensive prowess of Jeremy Lin is something that divides a lot of people who watch a lot of basketball. Is Jeremy Lin a bad defender or has he been on bad defensive teams? Was he replaced in lineups by better defenders or the victim of bad coaching?

Our video breakdowns are less concerned with past narrative and more interested in discussing what we saw in last season's tape. We may only look at three plays but they are used as examples or highlights of things we saw in our tape study.

Coach Dwyane Cherry joins us once more to study a few of Lin's tougher defensive assignments. Check it out and as always let us know what you think in the comments section and on twitter @HiveTalkLive.

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