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Hive Talk Live: Big Al's flagrant fowl

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Al Jefferson (4:00) has supposedly slimmed down after giving up Popeye's fried chicken. That's no way to earn an endorsement deal. We'll discuss that and the talk that Big Al's role in the offense will be scaled down. Is it a sign the Hornets are moving up or moving on?

(51:53) We released our final Summer Video Breakdown and it has sparked some good discussion in the comments section Jeremy Lin's defense. Can he be the ball stopper from the perimeter that the Hornets look to off the bench? We read some of your comments as well


(15:00) Should fans be worried about Nic Batum's poor finish at Eurobasket?

(19:00) We translate Batum's french Twitter Q&A thanks to help from JB over at

(25:30) We scout the Wizards with the help of Adam Rubin, writer for

(42:00) Nick Denning drops by with the "Buzz Around the Web"

(1:01:00) ONE LAST THING: Brian Roberts and the Hornets do something for the kiddos

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