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Former Charlotte Bobcat Jason Richardson retires from the NBA

Jason Richardson only spent one full season with Charlotte, but wow was it a memorable one.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Jason Richardson announced today via Instagram that he was retiring from the NBA. Charlotte fans will remember him for the season and a half he spent with the Bobcats.

This isn't the first time a former player for Charlotte has retired, and many fans will wonder why this should matter considering the little amount of time he spent in Charlotte. Well, he may have not been here long, but Richardson showed some truly incredible shooting when he was in Charlotte. He was good enough in his one full season to gain a decent amount of attention in our all time team rankings, and he got a big mention from Nick Denning in our retrospective on the 2007-2008 team. His time with the team was short lived, but his impact was felt.

When with Charlotte, Richardson shot 40 percent from 3-point range, and attempted a career high 599 shots from there. He averaged 21 points per game, and was a huge part of why that team even found themselves to be in playoff positioning at all. Of course, that team didn't meet the expectations that were set on them, but it'll be hard to find someone that blames Richardson for that.

Jason Richardson is one of those guys that probably doesn't receive enough love from any of the teams he played for, and that's a bummer because he didn't play particularly bad at any of his stops. He was a very good NBA player, and one that many of us are going to miss. Lets try to make Charlotte one of those places where we appreciate the good he did during his time here. The guy could use some love.

So long J-Rich. Thanks for the memories.