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Jeremy Lin has turned into a Dragonball Z character

Jeremy Lin came to Hornets media day sporting a new headband, and well he looks different.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Lin came to Charlotte Hornets media day wearing a headband, and oh my god he looks ridiculous.

Yep. That''s a thing. Has anybody given Lin a mirror so he can see how that headband looks with his new haircut? They don't exactly cooperate with each other. The headband covers up his entire forehead, because that's what headbands do, but with the spiky haircut it makes Lin look like he's gonna go around popping balloons with his hair. Which if that's how he likes to spend his free time then more power to him.

Personally, I think he looks like a Dragonball Z character. The characters in that show used to have the spikiest hair ever, and no matter what they did it would stay in place. Well unless they were powering up of course. When that happened the hair would fly around everywhere, change color, and out would come a new person stronger than ever! Maybe Jeremy Lin had an extremely emotional moment over the offseason?

Perhaps this is a good thing for Lin. If there's one thing watching DBZ as a kid taught me it's that when you power up, while yelling and screaming, you get bigger and faster. If Lin has truly unlocked those powers then expect him to take the NBA by storm this year. One minute he'll be walking up the court, and then faster than the eye can see he'll be dunking the ball in. The NBA will never see it coming.

Just please, whoever is close to Lin whether it be his family, or his friends, do not let him dye his hair blonde.