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Detroit Pistons' Andre Drummond says Charlotte Hornets' Al Jefferson is toughest to guard

Al Jefferson just got a free ethos boost.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond answered fans' questions via the team's Twitter account today, and one fan asked him who the toughest player to guard in the NBA is. Drummond's reply?

Yup, Al Jefferson.

Drummond is a deft but maturing defensive big man who sees the NBA's best post players on a nightly basis. He finished the 2015 season with a defensive rating of 100 on a Pistons team with a Defensive Rating of 106.4, and he often shared the floor with Greg Monroe and Anthony Tolliver (though to Monroe's credit, he's a better defender than people give him credit for). So if he's saying Al Jefferson is the toughest big man to guard in the league, there's probably some merit to it.

And you know what? Synergy Sports backs it up:

Unfortunately, I'm not sure Jefferson would say Drummond's the toughest guy to score on, though. Jefferson's scored an average of 21.8 points per game on 52.3 percent shooting against Drummond since 2013, per Basketball Reference. That's well above his season averages.

Still, nice to see Al getting some love from around the league. And now that he's in great shape? Man. The season needs to start now.