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Journey to the "Center" of the Hornets' universe: HTL talks Charlotte all-time centers.

Doug and David round out their starting lineups of their Charlotte All-Time Team.

The Hive Talk Live Charlotte All-Time Team is almost complete. It's time go in the paint and pick out Charlotte's greatest talent at the center position. Alonzo Mourning may associate himself more with the Miami Heat, but his time in Charlotte was dominant and provided the Hornets with one, if not the most, iconic moment in franchise history. Emeka Okafor was supposed to be the top-3 talent that could get the Charlotte Bobcats franchise in gear. Al Jefferson got Charlotte back to the playoffs and will try to do it again this season. And then there was Biz...sweet, sweet Bismack Biyombo.

This more than any other position showcases the different philosophies Doug and David used to compile their teams. Who do you side with, head or heart? Tell us you picks for Charlotte's all-time centers in the comments below and on twitter @HiveTalkLive.

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