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Nicolas Batum's ability to create offense key for Charlotte

We're breaking down some of the new additions for the Charlotte Hornets going in to the 2015-2016 season. This week we take a look at Nic Batum and his ability to create good offensive opportunities.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

With the addition of Nicolas Batum, the Charlotte Hornets have added length in the backcourt, another solid wing defender and another scoring threat. It might be his ability to create, for himself and others, that is the biggest boon for Steve Clifford's group.

Although he did get his fair share of crunch time looks, as we see here in this video, Batum was not the first offensive option for a loaded Trailblazers team during his time in Portland. But he was able to deliver when called upon. He will certainly be more of a focal point in Charlotte and we discuss in this video what that will mean for the Hornets.

Coach Dwayne Cherry joins us again for a look at the way Batum operates with the ball in his hands and has success creating offense, particularly in pick and roll situations. As we discuss here, Batum is still a young player, just now moving into his prime. If the Hornets can secure a longer term contract with him after this season he could be a building block for this team moving forward.

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