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2016 NBA Playoffs player previews

2016 NBA Playoffs preview: Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker has been Charlotte's engine all season long, but for the Hornets to advance, he'll need to dig down deep and find some more horsepower.

2016 NBA Playoff preview: Nicolas Batum

Nicolas Batum has been a vital component to the success of the Charlotte Hornets' success this season. Will he be healthy enough to continue helping them in the playoffs?

2016 NBA Playoffs preview: Marvin Williams

Marvin Williams is having a breakout season in Charlotte and will be an important part of any plan they have to advance in the playoffs.

2016 NBA Playoff preview: Courtney Lee

Courtney Lee has been a positive addition for the Hornets since being acquired at the deadline, particularly as a 3-point shooter and perimeter defender.

2016 NBA Playoffs preview: Jeremy Lamb

How did newcomer Jeremy Lamb do this season and what are his prospects looking like as the Hornets head into the playoffs?

2016 NBA Playoffs preview: Jeremy Lin

Charlotte's backup guard has been a savior to the team in some games and a nonfactor in others. Come the postseason, the Hornets will just need solid, consistent play from Jeremy Lin.

2016 NBA Playoffs preview: Cody Zeller

At the average speed of 4.43 miles per hour Cody Zeller has been the fastest center in the league this season. Running like hell at the height of 7 feet is Zeller's main strength and he has to stick to it come postseason time.

2016 NBA Playoffs preview: Al Jefferson

Despite an up-and-down, injury-filled season, expect Al Jefferson to be the Hornets' X factor on offense off the bench.

2016 NBA Playoffs preview: Frank Kaminsky

Frank Kaminsky has been relatively average during the 2015-2016 regular season, and the Charlotte Hornets are going to need more from the rookie in the playoffs.