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Charlotte Hornets at Denver Nuggets preview

The Charlotte Hornets take on the Denver Nuggets as they try to turn around their losing streak.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Who: Charlotte Hornets at Denver Nuggets

When: 8:00 p.m. EST

Where: Denver, CO. Pepsi Center

TV: NBA TV, FoxSports Southeast, Altitude

The Hornets losing streak continues as they try to take on a sneaky good Nuggets team. While Denver hasn't been blowing teams out of the water, and has been dealing with some injuries themselves, they've been a tough out in the western conference. They're just good enough to be a pain for teams that don't take them seriously, but still bad enough where a good team is going to beat them most of them. Which raises the question for the Hornets. Are they a good team or a bad team?

Well, a lot of that depends on the health of Nicolas Batum. When the Hornet have Batum they're a very different team that moves the ball, and plays some pretty solid defense. During this stretch without him Charlotte's depth has been exposed as unable to step up to the task, but that's to be expected. Al Jefferson and Batum are two of the Hornets three best players and Charlotte is missing both of them. This has resulted in the Kemba Walker and friends show featuring a lot of forced shots, and one man, plus Jeremy Lin, trying to create the entire offense

Without Batum, the Hornets are a mediocre team that lives and dies from 3-point range, because they really can't create their offense from anywhere else. This doesn't mean that the Hornets should be going out there shooting midrange jumpshots, and forcing drives to the basket, because that's what last year's team did. Nobody wants last year's team again. It just means that the Hornets need to find ways to get creative, and score from other areas of the floor. However, with such a lack of creators on the team that becomes difficult quickly.

However, the Hornets are in luck, because the Nuggets are not one of the greatest defending teams in the NBA. They struggle to defend the 3-point shot at times, and they have a lot of players that can be broken down if the offense focuses on them. If Charlotte can put together a solid shooting performance then theoretically they should win this. However, their defense has been so down lately that even a good offensive performance might not be enough.

The Hornets need to win this game. Injuries or not it's never a good idea to dig a hole, and right now Charlotte's trying to bury themselves in one.