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Charlotte Hornets lose seventh straight to Denver Nuggets 92-95

The Charlotte Hornets are not a good basketball team right now.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are not a good basketball team right now. They should have won tonight against the Denver Nuggets there's not really any excuse for why they didn't. Nicolas Batum was healthy for the first time in four games. Spencer Hawes and Jeremy Lin were healthy as well. Health can't be the reason the Hornets lost this game, because Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has been out all season, and Al Jefferson has played two games since December. They've had more than enough time to adjust.

This game was very winnable, and the Hornets just let it get away from them. A good team closes this out. A good team doesn't shoot 36 percent from the field while only scoring 15 points in the fourth quarter. They may have been tired due to the thin Denver air, but if they had played better defense early on then Charlotte could have just grinded this one out. Dropping their seventh straight in this manner is just so incredibly frustrating for everybody involved, and it feels like a change needs to be made. Whether that's a shake up of the rotation, or a change to the starting lineup, is up to Clifford but whatever they're doing right now doesn't work.

The Hornets starting lineup came out with a stinker again in the first quarter, giving up 36 points, and letting drivers slice their way to the basket with ease. Immediately they had to start playing catch up which changes the way they play from one of ball movement, and patience, to quick shots. It's okay to take a lot of 3-pointers, but at times it felt like the Hornets were just firing up shots and praying for them to fall. I guess when as a team you shoot 40 percent at the rim that's what the offense will dissolve into, but it's not an excuse for this kind of performance.

Two players total shot over 50 percent from the field. Marvin Williams exclusively shot 3-pointers and made all three of his attempts. Cody Zeller was the only player to shoot a high volume of shots, and make a decent amount of them. This would have been great if he hadn't been getting torched all night on defense.

So with the offense not working properly a good team will try to change the pace up. Work it towards their favor. The Hornets let themselves get into a running battle with the Nuggets, in Denver. They were so worn out by the fourth quarter that it took a huge run with two minutes to go to give themselves a chance to send it to overtime.

The "possession" they had was one of the most horribly executed plays in Steve Clifford's entire tenure. We have no idea what play he drew up was, because the players did a horrible job creating separation on the inbounds pass. Nicolas Batum tried to get the ball to Kemba Walker, but he was covered so he opted to Zeller where it got tipped. Charlotte managed to maintain possession, but in a panic they handed it to Walker who fired up a prayer with plenty of time left on the shot clock. They somehow got the offensive rebound, with time left to pass or set a screen, and instead got a very long contested 3-pointer.

Thank god this road trip is over.