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Charlotte Hornets top five links of the week!

A new year of course means a new set of Charlotte Hornets' web links!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

First up Moke Hamilton over at Basketball Insiders examined whether the Charlotte Hornets should use their cap room this summer on Al Jefferson. Hamilton gives a good breakdown of the new cap room economics teams will be facing. The article asks questions about his future with the team. Will Big Al be consistently healthy over the next few seasons? Does Charlotte want to move forward in the future without Al Jefferson holding down the low block?

Next, Ken Berger at CBS Sports highlights how, despite their recent losing streak, the Hornets are still on the right path under Steve Clifford. The shift towards acquiring consistent offensive players and focusing on long term is starting to pay off. This is a good article to read if you feel a panic set in about the Hornets and their future.

Rick Bonnell at Charlotte Observer wrote about the absence of good defense on their losing streak. Obviously it's tough to play good defense when the team is decimated by injuries, and Coach Clifford seems to note that. The article includes a great bowling metaphor and angry Steve Clifford quotes. Angry Steve Clifford is the best Steve Clifford.

Adi Joseph at Sporting News wrote about Al Jefferson's gravity and how the Hornets' have started to move away from Al with other big men. If Cody Zeller and Frank Kaminsky can move this team out of its current rut then the team has a choice to make: Move forward with Cody Zeller at center, or try and move forward with a big three of Kemba Walker, Nicolas Batum and Big Al.

Finally, Rob Mahoney at Sports Illustrated wrote about Kemba Walker's reformed jumper. The team brought in Bruce Kreutzer to tweak Kemba's jump shot for the better. What I found even more interesting is the examination of how Walker's jump shot was the key to unlocking Charlotte's pace-and-space offense. The article includes some insightful quotes from Steve Clifford on the team's pick and roll attack.