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Hive Talk Live: Hornets commit seven defensive sins

Listen for a twitter hashtag that can get you extra entries into our ticket giveaway for Charlotte's game against the Utah Jazz on January 18th.

Tonight, we try not to avert our eyes from the ugly defensive numbers and performances the Charlotte Hornets have put together over the past seven games. NOW THE GOOD NEWS, Justin Thomas will join us for a great new Tuesday segment, Inside the Locker Room. We'll discuss what head coach Steve Clifford said has frustrated him most about the Hornets seven game losing streak. And we'll also talk about what we have planned for Hive Talk Live Thursdays brought to you by ESPN730, premiering January 21st.


  • Bobby Rosinski from The Pulse on ESPN730 (sensing a theme?) joins to discuss his thoughts on the season.
  • David and I will preview the week ahead for the Hornets which SPOILER ALERT includes a home game, finally.
  • Listen for a twitter hashtag to get a extra entries into our ticket giveaway for Jazz vs. Hornets on January 18th.