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Charlotte Hornets lose to Milwaukee Bucks, 105-92

After a hot start, the Hornets could not stay consistent in bad loss to Milwaukee Bucks.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Charlotte came out hot by scoring nine points in under two minutes. It was mostly the Kemba Walker-Marvin Williams show, and the Hornets looked like a team that we've seen in the past. Frank Kaminsky and Jeremy Lin played some great minutes off the bench and Charlotte looked like a team that couldn't be stopped. The Bucks couldn't finish on offense, and the defense did a great job in stopping Milwaukee's cuts and movements.

After a hot start, the Hornets went to their bigs' passing lineup with Spencer Hawes and Frank Kaminksy. The duo made some good passes for some clean perimeter looks. The Hornets just couldn't connect from deep. The Bucks length bothered the Hornets, but the Bucks fought around screens and contested shots when they needed to. The Bucks had nine blocks through the second quarter. One one possession Nicolas Batum posted up on Giannis Antetokounmpo and Giannis just slapped the shot right back. The Hornets really struggled to defend the paint during the second quarter leading to easy layups and dunks for the Bucks. The Bucks pounded the ball in the post against a smaller Hornets game and it worked. Towards the end of the quarter, the Bucks went to Khris Middleton. He just bullied Jeremy Lin for eight straight points  in the final minutes. The Hornets had some solid offense in the first half with four Hornets' scoring at least seven points. Charlotte moved the ball well; with almost every player looking to make extra passes. Of course, Charlotte again put a poor defensive effort with the Bucks shooting at 58 percent at the half. The Hornets' lead was quickly lost, and the Bucks lead the half at four.

The Hornets continued to stay in striking distance by minimizing the Bucks' chances in the paint and forcing Milwaukee into difficult shots. The Bucks also closed out on shooters, and forced Charlotte players like Batum to passing into harder shots. Batum finished with assists and was not afraid initiating the offense. Michael Carter-William's attacked Kemba at point guard with his size and strength. The Bucks straight up strangled the Hornets' perimeter offense forcing some bad shots. Both teams were physical with both teams reaching the bonus by the end of the third. The Hornets fell behind by eleven heading into the fourth.

Charlotte pushed the pace opening the quarter with five points from Kaminsky and Jeremy Lin. The Bucks stomped on the Hornets' run and continued to keep Charlotte' out of the game. Khris Middleton hit some key shots down the stretch for Milwaukee and put his scoring skills on display. It seems the Bucks' hot shooting kept the Hornets' from making a dent after halftime. The Hornets could also not hit a three to save their lives ending the game, and it really hurt the teams offense. With around four minutes left, Coach Clifford brought in the bench and the game was essentially over.