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Hive Talk Live: 50 shades of Kemba

The Hornets struggle to close out the Utah Jazz but Kemba Walker razzled and dazzled a MLK day crowd in Charlotte.

Hands on his knees, sweat pouring down, Kemba Walker looked on as his team desperately tried to close out the Utah Jazz in a second overtime on Monday afternoon. So many times in his career the Hornets have wasted an efficient high scoring night from Walker. According to Kemba, HE almost wasted his own greatest game. 52 points in 47 minutes. 52 points when the Hornets needed every single one of them. We dig deeper into the performance and discuss what team problems still lie underneath an exciting single player performance.


  • Justin Thomas joins with practice sound from Kemba Walker and Steve Clifford as we go Inside the Locker Room
  • Nick Denning joins for the return of our NBA pick'm and we discuss his article on Cody Zeller's evolving game
  • No rest for the weary as the Hornets return to the road. A preview of a rematch with the Oklahoma City Thunder.