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Aaron Harrison assigned to D-League's Oklahoma City Blue

Aaron Harrison hasn't played much in his short NBA career so the Charlotte Hornets are sending him to the D-League for playing time.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Harrison's road to the NBA has so far been a rough one. After going undrafted he signed with the Charlotte Hornets summer league roster to try and earn a contract on to the team. Thanks to an impressive summer league, and a solid training camp, he earned his way to a permanent roster spot and has been with the team ever since.

However, Harrison has only played 39 minutes this season, and all of his time has been spent in garbage time of games. To get him more time on the floor the Hornets will be assigning Harrison to the D-League where he will play with the Oklahoma City Blue.

Even when dealing with injuries Steve Clifford has opted for lineups that did not include Harrison, because he isn't ready to play at an NBA level yet. Some time spent in the D-League will be good for him, because he'll finally get a chance to improve himself in real games instead of practice time.

There may be initial concerns that, because the Blue are an Oklahoma City Thunder affiliate, Harrison won't get playing time even in the D-League. Luckily, the Hornets have likely already worked out a deal with the Thunder to make sure Harrison will play. The D-League has become an important part to the development of fringe NBA players, and is no longer a place that end of roster players are sent to clear a roster spot. Harrison will get much needed playing time, and the Hornets will get a chance to evaluate how he's developed so far this season.