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Charlotte Hornets links of the week, 2016 style

Hornets-related buzz, caught in the internets, and served to you fresh for your first Monday of 2016.

Cropping makes you forget Steph's wearing a Warriors warmup, right?
Cropping makes you forget Steph's wearing a Warriors warmup, right?
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone loves Mondays right? Because it's the day we serve up five delicious links worth of Charlotte Hornets goodness? That's what I thought. It was a rough weekend in Buzz City for our basketball team with a loss at Toronto, a loss at home to OKC, and a visit to Golden State on tap tonight, but hopefully the 15-1 Panthers brought you out of your despair and you're ready to attack the first week of 2016. Here's some fuel for your Monday fire.

The Hornets' D-League affiliate revealed its name last week: the Greensboro Swarm. Powell Latimer of the Greensboro News & Record wrote a recap of the announcement, and Greensboro native P.J. Hairston was amongst those in attendance, calling the D-League franchise a "big opportunity for (his) hometown." No word yet on if "Swarm Time" in the 4th quarter at the Hive will mean the D-League squad takes over for the NBA players.

Hallelujah, praise the Lord: Joey Crawford is retiring after this season. The 64-year-old man has been a referee since 1977 and has officiated 50 NBA Finals games, amongst a million others. He also has a reputation/tendency of making himself the star of the show, and he certainly hasn't shown MJ or the Hornets any love over the years.  But at least we're not Spurs fans....

Rick Bonnell wrote a lovely piece in the Observer about how "Steph Curry is pure Charlotte." If you're one of the optimistic fans that assume he's coming back to wear purple and teal, maybe just read those five words and leave the rest of this article alone. He makes the great point, "Why would anyone leave what Steph currently has?" Well, we can always hope... or we can move on and love our own potential All-Star point guard (Kemba has 29.3 ppg over the last two weeks).

Speaking of Kemba, have you ever been described as a leader with the "heart of a lion?"  Tyler Davis of the Sporting News pens a glowing tribute to our fearless warrior, writing that Kemba has "turned Charlotte basketball around." The stats and his teammates back that up, but Walker takes it all in stride, humbly denying he's an All-Star.  It's really a great read, one that might change the way you look at our number 15 (unless you already love him, of course).  Dude's legit.

And finally, the last link of the week comes from the SB Nation mothership and features an all-too-familiar fan to those of us that attend the Hive regularly. Apparently, this courtside-sitting fan got a little too aggressive with Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant on Saturday night, and Time Warner Cable Arena security presented him with a red card for his troubles. He's regularly on the jumbotron during games; maybe he's just hoping to go viral or something.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your week everyone; let's hope the Hornets win all four games on the road.