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Who's Hot? Five players to consider for your FanDuel lineup

C.J. McCollum is just one of five players who have been playing well over their last five games.

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If there’s been one bright spot for the Charlotte Hornets during their current poor run of form, it has been Kemba Walker, who is averaging 27.8 points, and 5.6 assists over his last five games. If you haven’t already, Walker is a must buy to insert into daily fantasy lineups. Walker probably won’t keep this level of production up for too long (he tends to be streaky), so use him in your lineup while he’s hot.

If you’re looking for other hot options for your lineups, the following players are worth a look:

C.J. McCollum - The guard from Portland is averaging 43.8 FP/G over his last five, well above his already high season average of 32.9. McCollum has become one of the leading scorers for the Trailblazers this season, showing consistency with his shooting abilities so far. He's worth it, but he'll come at a cost, as he's currently valued at $8,400.

Nikola Mirotic - The Bulls' forward has increased his fantasy value of late, averaging 25.2 FP/G over his last five. Mirotic won't fill up the box score on most nights, but he's efficient, and costs only $4,700.

Paul Millsap - His improved play in recent games has increased his cost to $8,700, but Milsap will provide players points and rebounds, averaging 18.2 points, and 8.9 rebounds per game, both career highs at the moment.

Meyers Leonard - Averaging 14.7 points and 6.3 rebounds per game over his last five, Leonard is on a hot streak, and comes at a reasonable $4,300. He's making 3.2 3-point shots a game, while shooting 52.2 percent from the field.

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