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Charlotte Hornets outclassed by Golden State Warriors 101-111

The Charlotte Hornets were nowhere near as good as the Golden State Warriors and it was obvious.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Analyzing Charlotte Hornets games like this are difficult, because when one team is so much better than the other it's hard to differentiate between bad play, and just being outclassed. For much of tonight's game the Hornets were entirely outclassed by the Golden State Warriors. The Hornets would get a bucket off an offensive rebound, but then Steph Curry would come down and heat check a 3-pointer. Charlotte would hit a 3-pointer to close the gap to single digits. Three possessions later they're down double digits again and only a minute has been erased from the game clock. That's the kind of team the Warriors are. If you don't take advantage of every single opportunity then they are going to beat you. They're historically great.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Charlotte didn't squander opportunities. There were plenty of times they could have made this a closer game, and given themselves a chance at winning, but they missed out on it due to whatever reason whether it be Kemba Walker taking a really bad shot, or Marvin Williams missing a rotation on to Draymond Green. What's frustrating about this however is that most of this naturally happens in a basketball game. There's no such thing as the perfect game, and the Hornets learned this midway through the third quarter.

For much of the contest Charlotte was right within striking distance of the Warriors. They even managed to get their lead down to one for a little bit. Unfortunately, an old problem with the offense showed up and sealed Charlotte's fate. Just like so many times before, the Hornets fell apart and couldn't get a bucket. Golden State was making a killing off of this, and driving up the lead. As the lead increased the situation only got worse with a complete abandoning of the offense from Charlotte. Brian Roberts drove straight into the defense trying to draw a foul. Jeremy Lamb began forcing up 3-pointers, and Kemba Walker tried to enter hero mode. All to no avail as Charlotte kept clanking shots, and Golden State continued building their lead. Perhaps if everybody on the floor hadn't been going for the home run shot, and tried to gradually chip at Golden State, then they would have actually managed to get back in the game.

From that point, the Warriors lead was completely out of reach, and it took a shocking 20-5 run for the Hornets to cut it back to single digits. Of course, right as the Hornets cut that lead to single digits the Warriors slammed the door shut and made sure that there wasn't going to be a comeback.

What's going to eat at fans is how this game might have gone if Charlotte had been healthy. Without Al Jefferson and Nicolas Batum it's no wonder the offense came to a screeching halt in the third quarter. Unfortunately, they won't get to see what that looks like.

Give the Hornets some credit, they played one of their better games as of late despite the injuries, and there was some good play that they can take into the next game on this road trip. As this team gets healthy they theoretically should start returning to form. For now though they have to survive the injuries, and try to not fall too far behind their competition in the East.

That said, it didn't matter how well they played, because the Warriors were just the better team. Charlotte played well. Golden State played better. Greatness won out.