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Saturday Sit-Down: Jack Bedrosian on the Hornets missing match

Can the Hornets re-find that loving feeling on offense and defense? Communication is the key.

The Charlotte Hornets season takes an unwanted detour west into a four game losing streak, including a terrible loss to the Phoenix Suns. Are injuries the only factor to blame? This weekend we talk with At The Hive rookie writer Jack Bedrosian on his first column, an absolute must read on Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum and what makes them a perfect pair. Enjoy and don't forget starting January 21st we'll be adding a Thursday show! Hive Talk Live Thursdays brought to you by ESPN 730 with co-host Justin Thomas will be feature more in-depth analysis, player interviews and much more.


  • The Hornets reportedly make a call about the availability of Brooklyn Nets guard Bojan Bogdanovic, but how do you pronounce his name correctly?