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What You Missed at Saturday's Meet the Team Event

Fans were given a closer look at the team, as players and coaches were able to let their guard down and show the public a side they rarely get to see.

Jeff Siner, Charlotte Observer

The Charlotte Hornets held a Meet the Team event for the public on Saturday, a chance for fans to get a closer and more in-depth look at the players and coaches on their favorite basketball team. The day included everything from dance-offs to autograph sessions to blindfolded free throw attempts.

If you couldn't make the event, here is an overview of what you missed.

Frank Kaminsky is still the goofiest guy on the team

The second-year forward provided the 'most likely to go viral' moment of the day when, during a Q&A session with Marvin Williams and Kemba Walker, Kaminsky was singled out as the team goofball, thanks in large part to his dancing. This, inevitably, led to the fans wanting to see some dance moves, and then, well, this happened.

Kaminsky provided many of the funnier moments of the day, but this was far and away the biggest highlight for fans.

Corner 3s could be a new weapon for the team

Last season, the Hornets did not take or make many corner 3s last season. They had the lowest rate of corner 3s of any team in the Association a year ago.

So it was very interesting when the team held a 3-point contest between Marco Belinelli, Nicolas Batum and Marvin Williams, where each player took as many 3s as they could in a minute - but all from the corner.

For those curious, Williams won the competition with 14 makes, which should come as no surprise when you remember that...

For what it's worth, color analyst Dell Curry also took part in the contest. He did not top Williams' 14, though.

Expect Events Like This to Continue in the Future

Events like today should be fun for everyone. It's great for fans to get an up-close and personal look at their favorite players, and a great chance for the athletes to let their guard down and show the public more of their personality than they normally get to during games.

Most importantly, it's a chance for the Hornets to thank the fans.

"I was once that little kid, asking for autographs," Christian Wood said after the event. "I know the feeling of seeing one of their favorite guys on the team in their city, so it's amazing."

"I think that, as an organization, you always want a team you can be proud of, both on the floor and in the community, and I think we have that, added coach Steve Clifford. "I feel good with our guys - I know they take a lot of pride in how they represent (owner) Michael (Jordan) and our organization. So I think today, things like that are great.

"And also, conversely, it's great for the players to be that close to the fans, to see people who are excited about them and the way they play, and that's no small thing," Clifford continued. "Teams definitely feed off their fans (and) I believe we have a great fan base here, so I think it works both ways."

Other Notes

  • Saturday reinforced my new life goal of having 30 minutes to pick Clifford's mind on anything basketball. One can tell that Clifford has a wealth of knowledge on the sport, and I have learned something new every time I have had the fortunate chance to hear him speak. Saturday's example: speaking on the difference between pick and roll players - specifically ones who just pick and rolls and ones who pick, seal and roll.
  • Zeller looks like he is feeling like his old self again, and said he expects to play on Monday against Chicago. We will get to see how he looks like the new-look squad, which is important because...
  • Coach Clifford continues to say he will not name a starter at center until he figures out the best playing groups, which has been tough with Zeller out. Clifford has repeated time and time again the importance of playing groups, so just because Zeller or Roy Hibbert has been playing better lately does not necessarily mean that one will start over the other. It's all about how the team meshes together as one.