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Hornets barely mentioned in NBA GM survey

The NBA released its annual general manager survey and the Hornets are, for the most part, absent from the results.

NBA: Preseason-Boston Celtics at Charlotte Hornets
Clifford’s expression resembles mine.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not every day the Charlotte Hornets are mentioned on a national stage. And unfortunately, today is no different.

The NBA released its annual GM survey Tuesday, which polled the league’s general managers on 48 different questions on topics ranging from which team will win the NBA championship this season to which rookie will have the best career.

So how many times did the Hornets come up?

Three times. When there were 48 questions.

Look, the Hornets are not as glamorous as the New York Knicks, as esteemed as the San Antonio Spurs, or as revered as the Golden State Warriors. Heck, the perpetual dysfunction that plagues the Kings is more interesting than the Hornets.

But this is one of the best Hornets teams in recent memory and the survey confirms, once again, that the Hornets are not a topic of national importance in the NBA.

At this point, I don’t even care. I’m used to it. I’m sure you are too. We’ll just have to exceed expectations and stay humble. Again.

It’s not all bad. After all, the Hornets did come up — and in some interesting ways.

When asked how the top of the Eastern Conference would play out, 7.1 percent of GMs believe the Hornets will finish with the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. The Cleveland Cavaliers are predicted to waltz to the first seed, receiving 96.7 percent of the votes.

It’s well known that Steve Clifford is a highly respected coach among his peers. When GMs were asked which coach is the best manager/motivator of people, Clifford received a single vote. Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr received the majority of the votes here. Hard to disagree.

Stephen Silas, whom attracted plenty of interest from teams with coaching vacancies this summer, received 10.3 percent of the votes for best assistant coach in the league. Nice.

But that’s it. The Hornets didn’t come up again.

The weird thing is that while it feels wrong, I’m struggling to see where else the Hornets would fit in. Maybe a mention for their defense? Clifford did get 6.9 percent of the vote for his defensive schemes last year, and this team should be better than last year’s on that end of the floor.