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Frank Kaminsky lives out every child's dream, bathes in Skittles

The Hornets forward found a unique way to improve his game, while becoming the envy of every child around the world.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In today's day and age, it is all about finding the newest and trendiest way to improve one's game for athletes. Hornets forward Frank Kaminsky has teamed up with Skittles to not just improve his game, but also live out a dream that every child has had at one point or another - bathing in a bath of candies.

Practicing my game w/ a #skittles dispensing bball hoop. They hooked me up!

A video posted by Frank Kaminsky III (@fskpart3) on

This new and revolutionary technique is sure to help the short game of any player, and just look at how relaxed Kamisnky looks.

There are some questions to be asked though - are those Skittles-flavored scented candles? Do different flavored Skittles provide different kinds of baths? Does this mean fans can throw Skittles at Kaminsky after big plays, similar to how Seahawks fans threw Skittles at Marshawn Lynch? Will Frank Kaminsky ever get his own Skittles, like Lynch did?

These are the important questions we must ponder.