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Kemba Walker to miss Boston Celtics game

Kemba Walker will miss the game against the Boston Celtics for personal reasons.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Washington Wizards Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Kemba Walker will miss tomorrow’s game against the Boston Celtics due to personal reasons, and will rejoin the team in Atlanta on Saturday. Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer reported the news via Twitter

Walker has yet to miss anytime this season despite a knee injury that has noticeably slowed him down as of late. There has been no word if Walker’s absence has to do with his knee injury or not. Whatever it is he is choosing to miss time for we wish him the best and are excited to see him return to the team against the Atlanta Hawks.

Now, for how this will effect the basketball side of things is going to be very interesting. The Charlotte Hornets aren’t playing very well right now. They’re on a three game losing streak with losses to teams they definitely should have beaten. Considering that Walker has been far and away their best player this season, it’s very difficult to see the Hornets winning against Boston on Friday. On the plus side, when Walker returns for the Atlanta game he won’t be exhausted from the back to back.

Expect to see a lot of Ramon Sessions and Brian Roberts during Walker’s absence, and perhaps even a little bit of Aaron Harrison or Treveon Graham now that Charlotte is down a guard. We should also expect a lot more of the offense ran through Batum since he’s Charlotte’s second best creator of offense.