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All-Star Saturday night live thread

The skills events take place tonight and this year looks to be a fun Saturday night.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

All-Star Saturday night is all about skill and NBA players obviously have a lot of it. While everybody always talks about the dunk contest there's usually a good bit of a fun in the skills competition, and the 3-point contest might be the most consistent event of the bunch.

Something to keep an eye on as the Saturday events take place is that there's going to be a handful of bigs in the skills competition which should provide for a more interesting event than year's past. DeMarcus Cousins, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Anthony Davis are all participating next to players like Isaiah Thomas and Jordan Clarkson. It should be a fun one.

Next is the 3-point shootout which unfortunately saw Chris Bosh withdrawing from the event due to injury. He was probably the most unique name on the list and could have provided some extra fun to the event. Instead we'll just have to settle on seeing if anybody can stop Steph Curry this year.

Finally the dunk contest. Zach Lavine is the overwhelming favorite for obvious reasons, but Aaron Gordon has the power to potentially challenge him for the title. Will Barton is the dark horse candidate of the event and will probably surprise a few people with how high he can fly. Andre Drummond is a major underdog, but he's creative, it's unlikely he'll win but he's definitely going to make it fun.

Unfortunately no Shooting Stars this year. I'm probably the only person actually disappointed with this, but I loved the mix up of legends, WNBA stars, and NBA players. Hopefully they can come up with an event in the future that has a similar mix up of players.