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2017 All-Star logo for Charlotte revealed

The All-Star logo for next year has been revealed and it's very Charlotte Hornets.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 All-Star game is officially on deck. With the end of another All-Star game we got some really cool moments such as Kobe Bryant's farewell to the event, Russell Westbrook winning back to to back MVP's, and Paul George coming up one point shy of an NBA record. It was just the kind of fun that everybody wants out of the big event. Toronto, despite the cold, was an incredible city and did a fantastic job hosting the vent. Now it's Charlotte's turn.

Shortly after the game, the 2017 All-Star game logo was revealed, and it is so very Charlotte Hornets. The purple and teal is perfect, and the subtle crown in the back is a nice shout out to the Queen City nickname that Charlotte is known for. My personal favorite touch is the honey comb crest in the middle and the stingers on the edge. All in all it's a great representation of both Charlotte and the Hornets.

Now, with the event officially one year away, it's time to start thinking of events and celebrities that will represent the city well come time for the weekend. It's going to be a party and everybody is excited.