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HTL Thursdays brought to you by ESPN 730: The Trade Deadline Day Show

The Charlotte Hornets get set to add two (virtually) new major additions to their rotation. Will it be enough to get them into the playoffs?

We've had some time to process what went down on Tuesday and we're ready to say our final goodbyes to P.J. Hairston and Brian Roberts. It's time to welcome Courtney Lee to a team that still has postseason hopes on their radar. On paper, Lee seems to be the consistent presence on offense and defense that Hairston did not develop into. Could a deeper dive into his history and into the tape reveal something different? We're talking with Joe Mullinax of Grizzly Bear Blues about what the Hornets can expect out of their new starting shooting guard.


  • Al Jefferson could return as soon as Friday vs. the Milwaukee Bucks. How ready is the big man to play a significant role in the Hornets season?