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2016 NBA trade deadline: What Charlotte Hornets fans need to know

The 2016 NBA trade deadline is upon us!

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NBA trade deadline is finally here and wow are there a lot of rumors. This year has a whole bunch of buyers and sellers meaning that this could be a giant deadline full of moves, but with a rising cap coming in the summer it doesn't look like teams want to give up assets. Expiring contracts are at an all time low in value with most teams deciding they don't want to give up players for someone that might leave in free agency in the summer, and if they want the player that bad then they'll just go after them when their contract expires. It's created a weird situation where everybody wants to trade, but nobody wants to give up the pieces necessary to trade.

So how does all this effect the Charlotte Hornets? Well not very much anymore. They got their piece in Courtney Lee, and there's only one player left that the Hornets have been connected to so far in Dwight Howard. Honestly, the chances of Charlotte getting Howard seem slim. The Houston Rockets are not gonna give up a star without receiving assets and will demand a player like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, which the Hornets will obviously say no to. Maybe if they can get a third team involved it could change things, but as of this writing the Hornets getting Howard seems unlikely.

It'll be interesting to see if Charlotte comes up in any trade rumors for the rest of the day. Their name hasn't come up very often in rumors, and they seem pretty attached to the pieces they have at the moment. However, they're no strangers to deadline deals so don't be surprised if the Hornets appear in a rumor or two.

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