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Charlotte Hornets links of the week: Dance-off edition

Would you accept a dance-off invitation from Frank Kaminsky? That and more in this week's edition of Hornets Links.

Frank Kaminsky, the dance champion of your dreams.
Frank Kaminsky, the dance champion of your dreams.
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It's mid-February, the Charlotte Hornets sit in 7th place, they've won five straight, and life is good in Charlotte, North Carolina (as long as you can forget about Super Bowl 50 and MKG's injury). I'm not sure anyone expected the Hornets to win seven of their last eight after that awful January, but we'll take it and we'll enjoy our links, thank you very much.

Our first, and probably the best link of all time, involves a dance-off challenge between two large white men: Kristaps Porzingis and our very own Frank Kaminsky. A video of the Knicks rookie dancing emerged over the weekend, and Frank responded as only Frank could, inviting him to an awkward dance-off with a simple tweet:

Better than that, the crew at Sports Illustrated pieced together a video of their two talents, and clearly, the Hornets rookie proved his superior talent. The two will meet again April 6th at Madison Square Garden for their last matchup of the regular season. Here's hoping MSG coordinates the appropriate half-time entertainment.

Back to basketball: NBC Sports ran an article this week on Courtney Lee's move to Charlotte, hinting that he might be unhappy, with the headline, "Courtney Lee says trade to Hornets 'threw me off.'" In the article, he explains he was confused by the Memphis front office, who insisted they weren't trying to trade him one day, and then he was gone the next. That said, he's excited to join the team and appreciates Steve Clifford, saying "it feels good to have a coaching staff that has confidence in me." Charlotte won his first start last night in Brooklyn; here's hoping he's the missing piece the Hornets needed in MKG's absence.

Rick Bonnell wrote a quick piece about Kemba Walker and his rise after his return to New York, where Kemba grew up. With the return to the lineup of Al Jefferson, and with the five wins in a row, Kemba will be put into more pressure-packed situations as the push to the playoffs continues, and that's where he seems to thrive. "I just think the bigger the game..." Coach Clifford says, dreamily praising Kemba's big game heroics.

Clay Skipper at GQ interviewed our very own Dell Curry this week, and the exchange is worth a read. Despite asking some awkward questions about how Steph (and several other players) are better than Dell, Skipper let the elder Curry get a shot in at the end: he can still hang with his son in a game of H-O-R-S-E. Maybe we could have that for halftime when the Warriors come to town next year? Or at the All-Star game skills competition? Can't wait.

And finally, in case you missed it, CharlotteFive writes that the Hornets will be hosting a 90's Nickelodeon night at the Hive in their return to Charlotte on March 1. I grew up on the Rugrats, Doug, GUTS, Double Dare, All That, and Rocko's Modern Life, so my wife and I will be there with our nostalgia hats on, trying to convince our daughter that Nickelodeon was awesome once. As Corey points out, it's unlikely that they'll have a giant nose for fans to pick, and that's a shame, but it'll be fun to see what the team at Time Warner Cable Arena is able to put together. Now to go get some orange soda... enjoy your week, and thanks for reading!