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Hive Talk Live: Leigh Ellis from The Starters on NBATV joins to talk Hornets

Can a win-now strategy eventually work for Charlotte? What makes a good All-Star city? Is Nicolas Batum a max player?

The Charlotte Hornets have their biggest game of the year coming up on Wednesday and so we decided to bring in our biggest guest yet, from the hit NBA podcast turned TV show, The StartersLeigh Ellis. He shares his insights on everything from what kind of contract Nicolas Batum may get to what makes for a successful All-Star Weekend.


  • The Hornets drop the Brooklyn Nets for their season high fifth win in a row. How does Al Jefferson's performance affect his spot in the rotation?
  • The Hornets are hosting a 90's Nickelodeon Night on March 1st when the Phoenix Suns roll into town. So naturally we're asking the question, "Which 90's TV show would your favorite Hornets be?"
  • The Hornets try to extend their road winning streak to three games against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night. Is stopping LeBron James priority number one or is there someone else the Hornets should key in on to unlock a second straight win against the Cavs? Justin Thomas from ESPN730 joins us from practice.