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Charlotte Hornets at Cleveland Cavaliers preview and how to watch

Can Charlotte make it six in a row versus Lebron and company? Lets hope so.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Who: Charlotte Hornets at Cleveland Cavaliers

When: 7:00 p.m. EST

Where: The Q Arena

TV: Fox Sports Southeast, Fox Sports Ohio

A LeBron James lead team never fails to be interesting. The front office of the Cavaliers fired David Blatt and inserted new coach (and clear favorite of Lebron James) Tyronn Lue. As the season continues to play out it's no secret that the front office is doing anything it can to appease Overlord Lebron James. I don't blame them necessarily; if I was running a team that had a player like Lebron James on it I would stop at nothing to keep them happy. While this is certainly the most interesting long term Cavalier's storyline; there's no shortage of great short term ones. Such as Lebron James laying an awful 12 point performance (on 5-18 shooting nonetheless) on the Detroit Pistons, Kyrie Irving getting bitten by bed bugs in Oklahoma City and potentially affecting his teammates, and how new acquisition Channing Frye will fit with this Cavaliers team.

Everything seems to be clicking for Charlotte, and it needs to stay that way for a Hornets victory. Kemba Walker is averaging an incredible 26.5 points per game over his last two games and a big performance from him would make it a lot easier on Charlotte. Clifford should look to push the pace and attack out in transition when the defense is the weakest. Defense is the weakness Charlotte needs to exploit. Often, Lebron James will sometimes get lazy on defense and take possessions off. Kevin Love plays very weak pick and roll defense, and other big Timofey Mozgov has had a down season to the point where it's been reported that Cleveland won't look to resign him. Charlotte needs to find consistency in order to rack up another victory. The bench needs to score, everyone needs to rotate on defense, and the shots need to fall. This is probably the best squad Charlotte has had this season to take on Cleveland. They need to show this streak isn't just a fluke.