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HTL Thursdays brought to you by ESPN730: Being grown up is hard, coaching them...even harder.

The head coach of the Charlotte Hornets gets candid with the media about what makes coaching in the NBA so difficult and why he loves it so much.

Charlotte Hornets' head coach Steve Clifford is normally very open with the media after games or practices. He loves to talk about the finer details of NBA basketball. That's why when I heard he did an entire podcast on The Vertical's new network, I scrambled immediately for my phone and earbuds. Whether you agree or disagree with his coaching decisions or style, you're all but forced to respect his candor. His players repeatedly refer to him as a "no-nonsense type of guy." We dig a little deeper into the head coach's philosophies and try to flesh out what it's meant for the team the past few years.


  • A new state of the art scoreboard is on the way in 2017 for Time Warner Cable Arena fans, just in time for the next All-Star Weekend in Charlotte. We discuss the details and...wait, is that Bismack Biyombo on the scoreboard??
  • After beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in Charlotte a few weeks ago, and leading after the first quarter on Wednesday despite Kemba being held scoreless, fans may have fooled themselves into expecting the Charlotte Hornets to come away with the victory against the best team in the Eastern Conference. Instead, the Hornets lost in a very expected way. We'll recap a tough night in Cleveland.
  • The Hornets will look to rebound against the Indiana Pacers, a team they roughed up right before the All-Star break

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