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Charlotte Hornets vs Atlanta Hawks GameThread

After picking up a win against the Pacers last night, the Hornets are back at it tonight against the Hawks. Chat with us about the game in the comments below!

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome, fellow Hornets fans!

The Charlotte Hornets are in Georgia this afternoon, taking on the Atlanta Hawks. The Hornets are coming off a narrow win against the Indiana Pacers a couple of nights ago, one that required Kemba Walker to take over late. They now have tiebreakers over both the Pacers and Chicago Bulls, which means that if the Hornets finish the season with the same record as one (or both) of those teams, they get the higher seed. It's great.

The Hawks are good, but beatable. There were rumors prior to the deadline that they were looking to move some combination of Al Horford, Dennis Schroder, or Jeff Teague, but none of those players ended up being traded. The Hawks are giving this group another go. Probably the right thing to do considering their success last season.

Anyway, grab your snacks and get to a TV; it's time for Hornets basketball!

Chat with us about the game in the comments below.