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Pick or Pass: Top daily fantasy players available for February 29th

A number of top fantasy options are available tonight, but not all can be picked. Who's worth taking, and who should be passed on?

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It's the last day of February, and seven games are on tap for tonight. More importantly, tonight features a number of top daily fantasy players. While choosing all five is impossible, there's a chance you could slip two into your lineup, depending on who else you pick.

Russell Westbrook ($11,000)

Westbrook logs nearly 50 fantasy points a game, which makes his high price tag understandable. He's shown that no matter the match-up, he's going to post strong fantasy numbers. Averaging 24.4 points and 10.2 assists per game, he's a virtual lock for a double-double, and his season average of over seven rebounds makes him a threat for a triple double as well. Tonight, he'll face off against Sacramento, who give up more points per game (109.2) than any other team in the NBA.

Verdict: Pick

James Harden ($10,700)

Harden logs a ton of points per game at 28.5 to go with 6.3 rebounds and 6.9 assists, and a favorable match-up against Milwaukee points to him having another big night. Beyond Harden, there aren't a lot of high priced fantasy shooting guards, with Khris Middleton the next highest at $7,700. Middleton might be the more sound option however, as the Rockets rank in the bottom third of the NBA in opponents 3-point percentage, allowing teams to shoot 36.3 percent against them. They're also 26th in points allowed per game. While Harden is obviously the better player, Middleton could stretch your lineup further, especially if you go other top fantasy options.

Verdict: Pass

Kevin Durant ($10,600)

The same case for Westbrook can be made for Durant -- KD puts up a ton of points per game, and a match-up against Sacramento is really appealing. Durant hasn't been as consistent as Westbrook, so if you're choosing one or the other, Westbrook is the better option. That said, if you went with another point guard instead of Westbrook, Durant is the OKC player you want.

Verdict: Pick (if you didn't take Westbrook)

Derrick Favors ($7,600)

He's the highest priced power forward available tonight, which makes him an intriguing option at under $8,000. He's matched up against Boston, who rank 17th in points allowed in the paint, so succeeding against the Celtics frontcourt is possible. However, Favors has been bothered by inconsistency this month -- a string of 20+ point performances will be followed by a few games with 11 or 13 points. Even at his price, he's a bit of a gamble.

Verdict: Pass

DeMarcus Cousins ($10,900)

He's been one of the best fantasy options all year, despite his team's shortcomings. No matter the matchup, Cousins tends to have a strong game, making his selection a must, even against the Thunder. Cousins has been taking more 3-pointers in recent game, which provides another opportunity to gain points. He's pricey, and if you choose him and another of these top options, your lineup will be stretched thin. That said, he's a hard player to pass up.

Verdict: Pick


Disclaimer: Even though this is a sponsored post with affiliate links, all of the opinions in this post are my own. And as an FYI, FanDuel provided me funds to play its daily fantasy games.

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