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Saturday Sitdown: Russell Varner on how important Marvin Williams is to the Charlotte Hornets

We discuss not only his impact on the Hornets season to date but how his trade value has never been higher and what the Hornets should try to get back in a potential trade.

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David and I will be on Good Day Charlotte Sunday at 6:50 a.m. on Fox46 WJZY with a recap of tonight's game against the Washington Wizards and a look ahead to Monday's contest against the Chicago Bulls. I know most of you will be sleeping in or marinating your wings for later that night, so set your DVR to capture the 6:30 a.m. hour and watch us drop some Hornets talk on Super Bowl Sunday.

Joining me this Saturday is At The Hive writer Russell Varner, who wrote a great breakdown of Marvin Williams' year to date, which has been out of this world and out of nowhere spectacular. He's a big reason why the Hornets survived January despite injuries to many of their key players.