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Charlotte Hornets vs Washington Wizards gamethread

Neither of these teams are very consistent so who knows what's gonna happen.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight as the Charlotte Hornets take on the Washington Wizards absolutely anything could happen. Why can anything happen? Well, both of these teams are so wildly inconsistent this year that there's no real way to analyze them. The Wizards fluctuate between Eastern conference contender, first round fodder, and lottery bound so often that their fans have likely suffered whiplash by now. Like Charlotte, Washington has had a ton of injuries this yer which helps explain some of their inconsistency. The Hornets meanwhile are looking healthier by the day, but they somehow lost a game where the opponent didn't make a single 3-pointer. So what's gonna happen tonight? WHO KNOWS!

Projected Starting Lineup

Charlotte Hornets

PG: Kemba Walker

SG: Nicolas Batum

SF: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

PF: Marvin Williams

C: Cody Zeller

Washington Wizards

PG: John Wall

SG: Garrett Temple

SF: Otto Porter

PF: Jared Dudley

C: Marcin Gortat