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Charlotte Hornets top five links of the week!

With the Charlotte Panthers in the spotlight, it's time to a take a dive into the Hornets' top five links of the week.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

First up is a truly odd piece from RealGM. The article lays out the framework for a Blake Griffin to the Hornets trade. I'm not exactly sold on the idea of the trade with all the assets Charlotte would have to give up. I'm not sure Rich Cho and company would make the shortsighted move that could potentially ruin everything the team has worked for. It works better as a thought exercise than an actual trade.

Next up is a feature on Frank Kaminsky by Adi Joseph. Joseph focuses on the rise of the Kaminsky as a late bloomer. It's a summation of Frank's rise as a solid rotation big man for the Hornets. There's some great candid quotes from Coach Steve Clifford that add a nice perspective. Hearing from general manager Rich Cho is always a a nice change of pace.

From Ben Leibowitz over at Hang Time Blog wrote about the boost Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has given the Hornets since his return. The Hornets are nine points better on defense when Kidd-Gilchrist is on the floor. The more MKG plays for Charlotte this season the more he looks like a franchise cornerstone that the team needs.

An excellent piece from about Nicolas Batum's Cameroonian roots. Batum's childhood as a biracial child in France is truly fascinating. The quotes from Batum about his experience at the NBA Africa game make for great insight in one of the best international players in the NBA.

Finally, Cody Zeller held a charity sock drive at the Salvation Army Center of Hope. Zeller collected over 6,000 pairs for needy families in Charlotte. Also some good photos that remind us how tall Zeller is compared to other people.