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Charlotte Hornets show off Rugrats gear for Nickelodeon Night

Do you refuse to grow up? Are you the proud owner of 90s nostalgia and odes to the days of yesterday? If so, the Hornets have something just for you.

If you were born between 1985 and 1995, Nickelodeon probably had a huge impact on your upbringing. Many a Saturday morning were spent glued to the television, eyes fixated on neon hues of slime, absorbing whatever virtue or moral lesson the network had to offer.

To honor its millennial fans, the Charlotte Hornets are taking part in Nickelodeon night. And earlier today, they shared some of the exclusive merchandise available for tonight. Just...just look.

Holy crap. Want. I have no issue with spending my grownup money on my childhood.

If you're anything like I was growing up, Rugrats was a staple in my tv-watching habits. I owned that good ol' orange cassette tape that contained the Rugrats movie, and because of my red hair, felt an attachment to Chuckie Finster. Angelica, and any young girls I knew at the time who reminded me of her, were the worst.

How do y'all feel about this Nickelodeon gear? Let us know in the comments!