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Jeremy Lin not happy with portrayal of Asians at Oscars

Jeremy Lin wants a wider and less stereotypical use of Asians in media.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Lin was one of many people that sat down to watch the Oscars last night. In the days leading up to the show, race was a heavy topic due to the the lack of black actors and movies that were nominated. This did not leave the minds of viewers as they turned their televisions on to view the event. Even the host, Chris Rock, decided to make mention of it in his opening monologue. However, in that same monologue Rock made jokes at the expense of Asians. Lin did not let it go unnoticed.

"I just feel like sometimes the way people perceive Asians or Asian-Americans today can be disappointing in the way they view them," Lin said after the Hornets practice Tuesday morning. "Even Asian-American masculinity or whatever you want to talk about, just a lot of the ways that Asians are perceived I don't always agree with."

Lin went on to say that he usually enjoys Chris Rock's usual brand of comedy, and for the most part enjoyed the opening monologue, but this felt like a moment he could stand up for Asians. He sees the way that the Asian race is depicted in movies, and a lot of media in general, and feels that there's a chance to be more broad with these characters.

"In acting, you look at Asian roles, they always seem to be in similar roles," Lin said. "I feel like we are just so much more broad than that. What you see on TV, that is so influential. Perception is reality and that's the truth it today's day and age where it such a digital and technological age.

So if we can start branching out a little bit or at least showing that we are different than what other people think we are, maybe we can start to break down some of those walls."

Lin is a well known player in the NBA for not only his play, but his Taiwanese heritage. As one of the few Asian players in the NBA he's a central figure that has to battle with the same types of stereotypes that Asian actors and actresses do. This raises him to a status where his opinion on topics like this matter and should be listened to.

(H/t Pro Basketball Talk)