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HTL Thursdays brought to you by ESPN730: What a time to be a-hive!

The Charlotte Hornets are 7 games above .500. Time to party like it's 2001!

The Hornets remain perfect in March, in large part due to the continued dominance of Kemba Walker who ripped off his fourth straight 30 point performance on Wednesday night against the New Orleans Pelicans. We know the Hornets can play great offense, but is the defense slipping against lesser competition? Should fans be worried about the number of comebacks the team has endured as they prepare for two tougher tests over the weekend? Adi Joseph from Sporting News joins with his thoughts on the Hornets streak.


  • The Hornets face their toughest offensive test on Friday against a competent Detroit Pistons defense anchored by Most Improved Player candidate Andre Drummond.
  • Frank Kaminsky discusses what Al Jefferson has meant for him and the team since his return to action.
  • We update you on the biggest stories around the teams surrounding the Hornets in the playoff race. Standings check 1-2 1-2.