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Charlotte Hornets get seventh straight win, defeat Houston Rockets 125-109

Another strong fourth quarter made a close game a blowout, as the Hornets stay hot.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Seven straight.

I know, I know, they've all been against middling to slightly-better-than-middling squads at home, but as I sit here and mash these keys, the next best win streak in the league is at three, and the Hornets are staring down the very real possibility of home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

As for this game, every single starter played well as the Hornets led for the duration. Like the game against Detroit, it got close in the third quarter, and the team came out like gangbusters in the fourth in what's becoming a welcome trend, small sample sizes be damned.

Kemba Walker had another uber-efficient outing with 26, 6, and 5, on 11-16 from the field, and 4-7 from the 3 point line. It's almost as if Kemba improved to start the year, and now is improving again to end it. I know CJ McCollum (one of my personal faves) is the prohibitive favorite for Most Improved this year, but at least Kemba is making him sweat.

Another positive was the fact that it didn't feel as though Kemba was carrying the team (despite his gaudy stat line). It was more...choosing his spots, than his hand being forced. Marvin Williams is probably the man to thank for that as he finished with 25, 20 of which came in the first half. Simply cannot say enough about Marvin. Is it possible that the Hornets have two of the most improved players in the league? I say hellll yes it is.

Some of my favorite performances came from Courtney Lee and Troy Daniels. These guys really gave the Hornets a boost in some of the sticky spots later in the game, playing with (at the risk of sounding too coach-ish) a grit and dependability that Jeremy Lamb doesn't seem to have at the moment. Lamb is good for other things, but he may see some of his playing time reduced if he makes more mental errors with someone as talented as Daniels sitting behind him.

Finally, Jeremy Lin and Al Jefferson were great off the bench, and really carried the Hornets at times when the offense was stagnating. It's perhaps too early to tell, but it really seems like if Al is willing to take a pay cut the Hornets should keep him around to occasionally devour second-unit bigs.

Next up is the Dallas Mavericks on Monday. How long can the Hornets freaking keep this up? Is TEN in a row possible? What about a Southeast Division banner?? Get excited, people.