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HTL Thursdays brought to you by ESPN730: Does Bench Force One need serious maintenance?

The Hornets got back on the winning track but it was little thanks to their bench. What happened to the strong bench play the Hornets had earlier in the season?

People made signs with "Super Jeremy Bros." and "Bench Force One" on them. The announcers extolled their ability to bring the Charlotte Hornets out of the abyss night after night. Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lamb, Spencer Hawes and Frank Kaminsky, all newcomers to the team, were at the top of their respective games. The second unit was arguably more popular than the first.

That was early in the season. 111Now, as the Hornets make a final push for better playoff seeding the bench is in it's own abyss. Unable to score or keep others from scoring depending on which night you tune in. We examine the numbers and try to figure out what's keeping Bench Force One grounded.


  • A preview of Thursday night's critical game against the Miami Heat in Miami
  • Who has shown the most consistency of any Hornets player this year. Justin Thomas has the answer.
  • The Hornets righted the ship after a loss to the Dallas Mavericks. We recap their win over the Orlando Magic to end a 7 game home stand.