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Charlotte Hornets 126 Phoenix Suns 92: Notes and observations

The 90's was a really great time for cartoons.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

One thing about the 90's, from the perspective of someone that spent much of their childhood during them, is that it was a decade of incredible cartoons. Doug was the best and taught children that they too could be superheroes as long as they wore their underwear outside their pants. The Angry Beavers and CatDog hold up to this day as classic cartoons that any parent could sit down and enjoy with their child. Rugrats inspired an entire generation of children to be adventurous, and it even got two movies in theaters that did really well for cartoon movies. Somewhere Tommy Pickles is still trying to convince Chucky that he doesn't have to be afraid of the washing machine in the kitchen. At the tail end of the decade a juggernaut was born via Spongebob Squarepants. It was really a great time.

Of course, there's a whole lot of nostalgia covered glasses when looking back at this time. I loved Rocket Power as a kid, but friends tell me that it hasn't held up very well. I'm too scared to watch it and test the theory, but I do have memories of Tony Hawk being in a couple episodes which might show when that series jumped the shark. If you really want to start an intense debate then claim that Rocko's Modern Life is one of the most overrated cartoons of the decade. That fanbase will come at you ready to burn down your house in the honor of Rocko.

Of course, what might have been the best part about 90's television, at least on Nickelodeon, were the game shows. Guts, Double Dare, and Legends of the Hidden Temple had kids running through their backyard training to be on the show. Guts was the ultimate test of strength that any young sports lover yurned to be a part of. Winning a piece of the aggro crag was like a Gold Medal, but far more valuable. Double Dare was a family affair, but their obstacle courses were top notch. Bring them to me right now and I'll take them like a pro. As for Legends of the Hidden Temple, well that show apparently wasn't everything it was cracked up to be.

The 90's was a glorious time for children's television, and those of us that grew up with it look back on it fondly. That was the ultimate decade of cartoons and no Adventure Time or Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles will tell us otherwise. Are these glasses nostalgia colored? You bet they are.

The Charlotte Hornets dominated the Phoenix Suns 126 to 92 last night. The Suns lack of effort was such a joke that nothing could be gained from analyzing it. I'd rather talk about 90's cartoons than have to watch an NBA team give that little effort in a basketball game again.