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Charlotte Hornets at Philadelphia 76ers GameThread

The Hornets are back at it tonight with a game against the 76ers. Easy win? Easy win.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Just one day after thoroughly routing the Phoenix Suns, the Charlotte Hornets are back at it tonight with a game against the equally terrible (worse, probably) Philadelphia 76ers.

There's absolutely nothing to say about the 76ers. While they've taken a few baby steps forward since hiring Jerry Colangelo as the head of basketball operations, they're still essentially a D-League team masquerading as an NBA team. Yes, they have Jahlil Okafor, Nerlens Noel, and Ish Smith. Aside from that group, can you name anyone on the roster without looking? Give it a try.

(In fairness, they have a few interesting young pieces like Robert Covington and Jerami Grant. Nik Stauskas is also in Philadelphia.)

If the Hornets lose tonight..., they won't lose. They could, but they won't. Promise. The 76ers are not good by design.

But hey, that doesn't mean this game isn't worth watching. Chances are this one'll get out of hand quickly and head coach Steve Clifford will empty the bench, giving us a chance to see what Jeremy Lamb, Frank Kaminsky, Aaron Harrison, and others are capable of in extended minutes.

You know the deal: Hop to the comments to chat about tonight's game!