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Charlotte Hornets escape trap game beat Brooklyn Nets 105-100

It was closer than everyone wanted, but the Hornets managed to squeak out a tough win against Brooklyn.

Al Bello/Getty Images

The Charotte Hornets beat the Brooklyn Nets tonight, in a game they had to win in order to avoid giving it's fan base permanent whiplash.

It's been quite the week for the Hornets. In the last five days they've had perhaps both their best win(s) and loss of the season. In the midst of an ultra-tight Eastern Conference playoff race, they went down to Miami on a back to back, promptly fell behind by 15, but eventually came out the victors against a team that is every bit their equal, also fighting for a high seed. Then they came back to Time Warner Cable Arena only to get run out of they gym by the Denver Nuggets, a team safely out of postseason contention, while rival Miami went on to steal one in Cleveland. And then finally San Antonio came to town, and just one 20+ comeback later the Hornets had themselves their best win of the season again, in the span of just a few nights.

Which made this game all the scarier. Another trap game after another big win.

However, other than a sub par stretch at the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th, the Hornets played themselves an all around alright game, considering the circumstances. With Marvin Williams out, and Kemba Walker playing only so-so, the Hornets again needed the supporting cast to step up, and again they did. Frank Kaminsky started off the 1st quarter with quick 10, Jeremy Lin continued his stellar play during the meat of the contest, and Al Jefferson closed it out, going to work on the block against fellow 1980's style big man Brook Lopez (Spencer Hawes also came back from injury to promptly get T'ed up and do nothing. Not a huge help).

Yes the game got a little too close to comfort, but it was a back to back on the road, without your third best player, after the best win of the season. The fact that the Hornets were simply able to win this game shows that they're a lock for the post season, and will be a tough out no matter who they get in the first (or second?!) round.

The Hornets will visit Detroit on Friday, in what begins a bit of a road trip for a team that has appreciated a home-centric schedule as of late. Every game from here on out is more important than the last, and it looks as though the team is taking that to heart.