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What's in the Charlotte Hornets Easter basket?

With today being Easter the obvious question to ask is what are in each player's Easter basket?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Easter! Or for many others Happy Sunday! With today being Easter many families are awakening to eggs in their yards and baskets on their counters left from the Easter bunny. These eggs and baskets are filled with all kinds of things like jelly beans, chocolates, and the highly divisive and controversial peeps. However, some baskets and eggs are a little different and contain some unique stuff. This raises the question. As the Charlotte Hornets awake on this fine day what will be in their Easter baskets?

Michael Jordan

Six chocolate rings. A free play at his favorite casino. An IOU from Charles Oakley. A note from Jannero Pargo about maintaining the landscaping at his house. A new pair of his favorite Tar Heel shorts. Teal and purple jelly beans. One of Bob Johnson's cigars. Golf clubs.

Patrick Ewing

A coaching interview promise, but he thinks it's fake cause the team didn't leave a signature. Yet another challenge to a game of one on one from Michael Jordan. A framed picture of John Starks. Georgetown colored jelly beans. An Olympic medal made of chocolate.

Steve Clifford

Candy from Dwight Howard. Candy from Jeff Van gundy. Candy from Stan Van Gundy. Candy from the Lakers. Candy from the Magic. A letter from Michael Jordan begging him to never leave. Video of correctly executed inbound plays. Cough drops.

Kemba Walker

A dose of ice for his veins. A book on ankles. Multiple buckets. Improving Your Jumpshot for Dummies Vol. 2. UCONN colored jelly beans. A 2011 chocolate bar from the NCAA. A copy of Tinder the Kemba remix feat Ke$ha. An apology note from Adam Silver about the All-Star game.

Jeremy Lin

A Super Nintendo with Nin crossed out for Lin. A new camera. A new laptop. An eSports roster spot. Hair gel, now with more spike! Yet another letter from Mike Dantoni. Harvard colored jelly beans. Chocolate from his fans. More chocolate from his fans. Oh my god a truckload of chocolate from his fans. TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE.

Jorge Gutierrez

A contract. Mexican chocolate. Cal colored jelly beans. Minutes. An invite to Kemba's birthday party that spelled his name wrong.

Aaron Harrison

A chocolate D-League logo. A promise from Steve Clifford they'll come back for him. Kentucky colored jelly beans. A letter from Michael Jordan that called him Andrew Harrison. A letter from John Calipari that also called him Andrew Harrison. The Orlando Summer League MVP trophy.

Courtney Lee

A guide to good eats in Charlotte. A headband from Zach Randolph. Spanish chocolate from Marc Gasol. Being more agressive: Sometimes it's okay to lash out by Dr. Jumpshot. Western Kentucky colored jelly beans.

Jeremy Lamb

UCONN colored jelly beans. Why both sides of the court are important by Dr. Defense. A highlight tape from Kemba about the 2011 NCAA run except all the highlights are of Kemba. A roasted lamb. Oh great another one of these. Seriously guys I get this every single year and it's never once funny. Yes, lamb is delicious, but can't we be original just once? Another lamb.

Troy Daniels

A VHS of Back to the Basics: Defense. A denial to add a four point shot in practice from Steve Clifford. VCU colored jelly beans. Three chocolates. How Do you do: The Eric Collins remix feat Nelly.

Nicolas Batum

Why Turnovers can actually be a good thing by Dr. Basketball. France colored jelly beans. French chocolate. French coffee. French fries??? Loopholes in the Collective Bargaining Agreement from his agent. Best ways to spend 20 million dollars by J.K. Rowling. So, You made a lot of Money Really Quickly by Raymond Felton.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Hospital bills. Do it yourself: Easy at home medical procedures. A giant roll of bubble wrap. Improving Your Jumpshot for Dummies Vol. 5. Kentucky colored jelly beans. A letter from John Calipari reminiscing the 2012 Kentucky team...again. A letter from Anthony Davis asking for shoulder doctor recommendations. A post card of Mark Price with the Charlotte 49ers.

Tyler Hansbrough

A restraining order from Duke, the Toronto Raptors, and Indiana Pacers. UNC colored jelly beans. A chocolate number 50. Band-aids. Tide for getting blood out of clothing.

Marvin Williams

Improving Your Jumpshot for Dummies Vol. 10. A denial on his auto-biography "Role player to star the Marvin Williams story." Way too many Marvin Gaye albums. UNC colored jelly beans. A chocolate Hawk with a number two on it. Spam emails from Chris Paul at the All-Star game.

Spencer Hawes

Make America Great Again hat. Seattle coffee. Seattle chocolate. Donald Trump's book. Long hair styles for Men. Why Sacramento is the worst place on earth by the Maloof family. Washington colored jelly beans.

Frank Kaminsky

Eminem's entire catalog. Super Smash Bros Wii U from Sam Dekker. Dancing with the Stars for Xbox One. Wisconsin colored jelly beans. How to Dance Anthology Vol 1-5. A chocolate tank. A BFF locket from Spencer Hawes.

Cody Zeller

Indiana colored jelly beans. A nose guard. Multiple copies of Hoosiers. An extra gift basket from the Boston Celtics addressed to Tyler Zeller. A post card from Luke Zeller. A chocolate motor. A chocolate IQ bar. A chocolate sneaky athletic. A gold chain that says "Big Handsome"

Al Jefferson

Fried chicken. Fried chicken flavored jelly beans. A subscription to "Best Shape of my Life!" weekly. JNCO Jeans. A Popeyes giftcard. 20 different ways to fry chicken. A morse code letter from Derrick Williams that translates to say "RAMBIS. STOP. WON'T. STOP. GO. STOP. AWAY. STOP. HELP PLEASE. STOP. I DON'T KNOW. STOP. HOW MUCH TIME. STOP. I HAVE LEFT. STOP.