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Aaron Harrison scores 27 points for Erie BayHawks in loss to the Delaware 87ers

Harrison followed up his 34 point performance with another strong showing offensively.

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Charlotte Hornets rookie Aaron Harrison scored 27 points and added eight rebounds for the Erie BayHawks in a 96-94 loss to the Delaware 87ers. Harrison played 41 minutes, shooting 9-18 from the field, and 9-11 from the free throw line. However, he went 0-7 from the 3-point line. This is a bit concerning, given that outside shooting is one area Harrison has to improve on. He's shooting 25 percent from the 3-point with the Hornets this season, and only 28.8 percent in the D-League.

At this point, it's about consistency with Harrison. Just three days ago, Harrison scored 34 points, going 6-11 from the 3-point line. To follow that performance with seven misses from behind the arc suggests Harrison's shot still isn't quite where it needs to be. At this point, that's all right. Harrison is signed through next season, meaning he will have the opportunity to make significant improvements to his shot in the offseason. While seeing improvements in games this season would be nice, it would also be a luxury.

Despite his poor shooting performance from the outside, Harrison displayed a strong offensive performance in other areas. As the highlights show, Harrison scored most of his points by creating shots for himself, whether through drives to the lane or on pull-up jump shots. This is a part of Harrison's game we haven't seen much with the Hornets, which is understandable given his role with the team.

The variety of ways Harrison scored the ball is encouraging. Whether it's due to his current role with the team, Harrison has played a bit passive with the Hornets this season, but this performance, along with Saturday's 34 points, show that Harrison does have an aggressive side. Ultimately, what matters for Harrison is game experience, and he's getting plenty with the BayHawks.


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