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Hive Talk Live: Everybody has a plan until they get dunked on

The Hornets begin the playoffs in nightmare mode. How will they respond on Wednesday night?

Shocking. Appalling. For the love of Luol that's holy! The Charlotte Hornets get blitzed in Miami and we're here to try and diagnose the murder. Jonathan Jones, writer for the Charlotte Observer, is in Miami covering the series and he joins us with an update on the confidence of the team, the strategy moving forward and the health of Kemba Walker.


  • Nata Edwards, host of the Mic Check podcast, joins with what he's seeing and hearing from fans after the Game 1 collapse. Where is the panic meter set?
  • The top five things we learned from Jeremy Lin's pre-playoffs Reddit post and where Lin finished in the Sixth Man of the Year award voting
  • Nick Denning is back with a NBA Playoffs edition of What's Happen'n Around the NBA.