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HTL Thursdays brought to you by ESPN730: #Adjustments

The Charlotte Hornets leave Miami down 0-2 and down Nicolas Batum. What should fans expect as the series heads back to Charlotte?

Game 2 left me sitting on the couch staring blankly at the television. I reached over for my laptop and silently wiki'd "Nihilism." Yep. That's the philosophy I was thinking of.

The Hornets played with more aggression, more intensity, somewhat better discipline on defense and they made the adjustments to their offense that they needed to based on what the Miami Heat threw at them defensively. None of it really mattered because the Heat went into NBA Jam mode and hit tough runner after tough turnaround. Helping us with another autopsy is Justin Verrier, he's covering the Hornets side of things for ESPN. We'll discuss how the Hornets will move ahead if Nicolas Batum cannot continue in this series after suffering another ankle injury.


  • While you wait for the live show, listen to this morning's Hive O'Clock Alarm game 2 recap here.
  • We try to answer some other burning questions that fans are asking after Game 2, like....
  • How have the Miami Heat schemed the Hornets out of shooting 3 pointers and how has that affected the team's approach on offense?
  • What happened to Marvin Williams? Can the Hornets continue to play Frank Kaminsky?
  • After game 2, Steve Clifford defended his strategy in this series so far and challenged the meaning and efficacy of "making adjustments." Was the question fair? Was Clifford's response reasonable? Adi Joseph, Deputy Editor at Sporting News, joins us with his thoughts.