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Fandeul: Playoff picks for 4/22

Four players to choose for tonight's slate of NBA playoff games.

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Only three players cost more than $8,000 in today's round of playoff games, with some positions containing a huge drop off in price after the first couple of players. This will grant opportunities to select more of the pricier options, but makes it all the more important to get your backup picks right. Here are three options for today:

Al Horford ($7,800)

Horford has been dominant so far in the playoffs, with a double-double in Game 1, followed by 17 points, five rebounds, and five blocks in Game 2. Boston doesn't really have a low-post option that can handle Horford, so look for the big man to continue his strong play tonight.

Isaiah Thomas ($7,900)

Thomas had a strong Game 1, posting 43.6 fantasy points in a close lose. Game 2 wasn't as productive, but home court should provide an edge for Thomas, and with Boston facing a must win game, he will be given plenty of minutes and touches to have a strong game.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope ($5,600)

Believe it or not, KCP is the most expensive shooting guard option available with Avery Bradley out. He's had a strong playoff series so far as well, finishing with 27.9 and 28.6 fantasy points in Games 1 and 2, respectively. Consistency is important in the playoffs, and given what KCP has done so far, he's a safe and low-cost pick, and should be in for another strong game at home.

Kevin Love ($7,300)

Love has two double-doubles in the playoffs so far, finishing with 45.1 and 30 fantasy points in Games 1 and 2. His production of points, rebounds, and 3-point shooting make him one of the best power forward options available today.

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